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Company & Event Hire

Company Fleet Hire

If you are a Shopping Centre, Visitor Attraction, Holiday Park or similar who benefit from thousands of customers visiting you each year and have the problem of constantly servicing, repairing and renewing your mobility products, why not let us help.

Here at National Mobility Hire we can help by providing you with the items you require, servicing, and swapping for new periodically. With the day to day running of a busy company and fluctuation regarding demand for products, this area can prove to be a real headache.

We often receive calls from disgruntled customers visiting destinations where the items available have been booked out or, dependent on the product, are not available for hire. We will tailor a package to suit your company, subject to the number of products you require and offer increased availability during busy periods.

Past cases have proved to not only take the problem away from the company but even save money. In a most cases offering an improved service can assist in increasing visitor numbers.

We currently have a number of sites operational using two main schemes both of which require NO monetary commitment and have proven to be quite lucrative to the customer, creating another regular stream of income.

Both of the schemes include:

  • Insertion of brand new state of the art equipment (replaced periodically for new).
  • Weekly visits by our technicians to clean / maintain the equipment.
  • The necessary training required for your employees to demonstrate the equipment to hirers.
  • Full breakdown cover (parts and labour)
  • A dedicated representative to help with questions regarding the equipment.
  • Insurance providing cover to each user against damage they may cause to themselves or third parties whilst operating the equipment.

For more information regarding this service, please contact us via email at [email protected] or on our customer service helpline on 03700 949 808.

Event Hire

With the Equality Act 2010 promising opportunities of equal access, and requiring service providers to fulfil this obligation, it can provide a great problem for event organisers. There are many potential event visitors that can not transport their own products to and from the event, we can help by offering this service and in so doing, assist in increasing visitor numbers.

Here at National Mobility Hire we offer the option to event organisers to have us come to the event and provide daily mobility equipment hire on your premises. For this service we charge a one off fee to cover our costs (depending on the number of products required) and provide the event organiser a percentage of the hire charges taken over the duration of the event.

Prior to the event we will liaise with the event organiser to the approximate number of products required and provide you with the costs involved.

For more information regarding this service, please contact us via email at [email protected] or on our customer service helpline on 03700 949 808.

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