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We recommend providing us with as much notice as possible to avoid disappointment. We do get extremely busy in the holiday periods. When booking months in advance a nominal booking fee is taken, typically £25.00.

The minimum period for hire is 2 weeks. We try to be flexible to a day or two either side of this to maximise full use for the period hired. There is no maximum period.

There is a fully refundable deposit to pay on all mobility products (ranging from £49.00 to £199.00). These are extremely expensive pieces of equipment and we find that the deposit wards away those who have the temptation of theft or damage to the hired products.

Payment can be made by credit or debit card over the phone. Cheques or bankers drafts are accepted but funds must be cleared before the mobility products are dispatched. Weekly payments can be done via standing order or by card, which will be billed each week of your rental term.

Typically on short term hire periods, payment is taken in advance. On long term hires (25 weeks +), payments are taken weekly fortnightly or four weekly to suit the customers requirements. Payments can be either taken on a card or via standing order.

We do deliver and collect the goods, more information can be found under the ‘Delivery’ in the main menu.

Yes, when your product(s) are delivered you will be asked to sign a rental agreement.

The hirer is insured under our insurance for damage they cause to themselves or others whilst operating the hired products. All products should be covered by your household insurance, please check your household insurance policy. Should this not be the case insurance can be obtained for a nominal sum from various insurers.

Providing all insurance criteria have been met we have no problems with you taking our products overseas, if problems with our products occur whilst away they must be returned to the UK (at your cost) for them to be resolved. We recommend you check with your travel company as various transport and aviation carriers have different policies.

As the law stands at present you do not need a licence.

A selection of our products are meant for this very purpose, they disassemble into a few lightweight parts and are selected on their portability. To date we have found very few vehicle luggage compartments that the products will not fit in.

Before the equipment is left with you, you will be instructed in its use to ensure that you are totally confident in its operation. In the event the item is sent to you via carrier we will make sure full details of use are provided. Further assistance can be obtained from our customer service helpline on 08700 949 808.

Yes, we can supply a wide variety of ramps to rent, these however are classed as an optional extra.

Subject to your delivery choice, yes, you will be able to test drive the scooter once our representative is happy you have mastered its operation.

We will take care of all normal wear and tear but you will be responsible for misuse under our terms of business.

Contact our 24 hour Mobility Rental Assistance helpline (08700 949 808) and we will endeavour to solve your problem. We do provide a breakdown cover package, please contact for further details.

We recommend that all Electric Mobility Products hired are charged every evening. The chargers are designed to cut off when the batteries are fully charged.

Yes, but at present you must do this over the phone. Please call the representative in your area. For more information click the ‘Contact’ button in the main menu.

Simply call our customer service helpline on 08700 949 808, lines are open 7 days a week, 8:00am – 10:00pm. One of our representatives will arrange collection time at a convenient time.

Please contact our customer service helpline on 08700 949 808, lines are open 7 days a week, 8:00am – 10:00pm. One of our representatives will endeavour to answer your question.

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